Awards and Sponsors


Best Paper Award sponsored by Springer

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DE VITO: A Dual-arm, High Degree-of-freedom, Lightweight, Inexpensive, Passive Upper-limb Exoskeleton for Robot Teleoperation
Fabian Falck, Kawin Larppichet, Petar Kormushev

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Prize for Innovation in Robotics sponsored by the IET

instruMentor: an Interactive Robot for Musical Instrument Tutoring
Shreyus Bagga, Benedikt Maurer, Tom Miller, Luke Quinlan, Lorenzo Silvestri, Dan Wells, Rebecka Winqvist, Mark Zolotas Yiannis Demiris

Best Paper Award sponsored by Frontiers

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Contact Planning for the ANYmal Quadruped Robot using an Acyclic Reachability-Based Planner
Mathieu Geisert, Thomas Yates, Asil Orgen, Pierre Fernbach, Ioannis Havoutis 

Best Poster Award sponsored by Frontiers 

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The Third hand, Cobots Assisted Precise Assembly
Mohammad Safeea, Pedro Neto, Richard Bearee

Best Student Poster Sponsored by IEEE UK-RAS Network

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A Self-Organizing Network with Varying Density Structure for Characterizing Sensorimotor Transformations in Robotic Systems
Omar Zahra, David Navarro-Alarcon

Best Student Paper in memory of Professor Ulrich Nehmzow

Modeling and Control of Ankle Actuation Platform for Human-Robot Interaction
Ata Otaran, Ildar Farkhatdinov

Audience Choice sponsored by ARQ - Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary

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1st Place

Learning and Composing Primitive Skills for Dual-arm Manipulation
Èric Artau, Paola Ardón, Michael Mistry, Yvan Petillot

2nd Place

Probabilistic Planning for Robotics with ROSPlan
Gerard Canal, Michael Cashmore, Senka Krivic, Guillem Alenyà, Daniele Magazzeni, Carme Torras

3rd Place

Investigating balance control of a hopping bipedal robot
Beichen Ding, Andrew Plummer, Pejman Iravani


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