Postgraduate studies (PhD)

Master of Science in Advanced Robotics (MSc)

MSc Advanced Robotics explores revolutionary developments in the field of robotics, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Its central component, the extended research project, offers you the opportunity to publish your research and build a career profile through theoretical and practical work at the Centre for Advanced Robotics. Read more

Bachelor/MasterĀ of Engineering in Robotics (BEng/MEng Robotics)

Specialised modules:

  • Exploring Robotics Engineering
  • ECS526U Aspects of Robotics
  • ECS526U Design and Build Project in Robotics Engineering
  • ECS653U/ECS7004P - Advanced Robotics Systems
  • DEN6336 Modelling and Control of Robotic Systems
  • ECS629U/ECS759 Artificial Intelligence
  • DEN5200 Control systems Analysis and Design
  • Final year project in robotics and AI
You will also study computer programming, electronics, computation, mechanics, microncontrollers, software engineering and other relevant topics.

Teaching laboratory

ARQ facilities include state-of-the-art teaching and research robotics laboratory, which together with electronics laboratory and mechanical workshop are used by QMUL researchers and students for research and learning.