Final year project ideas by ARQ (robotics)

In the following you can find a list of potential final year projects for final year (BEng/MEng/MSc) projects:

Professor Kaspar Althoefer,

  • soft robotics

Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov,

  • rehabilitation robotics (exoskeletons, wearable robots)
  • control for physical human-robot interaction
  • virtual  and augmented reality interfaces for remote robot control
  • haptics and sense of touch for virtual reality and telerobotics
  • machine learning for human electromyography data analysis
  • wearable robotic tail for balancing control
  • haptic motion simulator for virtual reality
  • robotic tilting platform for vestibular research with animals
  • graphical user interfaces and gamification for rehabilitation robots

Dr Lorenzo Jamone,

  • cognitive robotics
  • tactile sensing
  • robot manipulation

Dr Ketao Zhang,

  • robot mechanisms and design
  • aerial robotics
  • origami robots
  • robotic grippers and manipulators
  • reconfigurable robots

Dr. Thilina Dulantha Lalitharatne,

  • humanlike social robots for human-robot social interactions
  • robotic simulators for medical training
  • robotic doctors for remote medical examinations
  • control of assistive robots (eg. prosthetics, meal assistance robots) using brain signals (BCI/BMI)
  • bioinspired underwater robots