Research Collaborations

The Centre for Advance Robotics @ Queen Mary University of London (ARQ) is continuously looking for collaboration both in academia and industry. Please, feel free to contact our faculty members for further information.

Internal at QMUL

Academic and research collaboration

Italian Institute of Technology (Italy), Centre Energie Atomic - CEA (France), King's College London (UK), Imperial College London (UK), Tecnalia (Spain), University of Twente (Netherlands), KoreaTech University (South Korea), University Pierre Marie Curie - Paris Sorbonne (France), McGill University (Canada), Waseda University (Japan), University College London (UK), Institute for Systems and Robotics (Portugal) and many others.

Industry partners

Shadow robot company (UK), ABB (Sweden), Ocado Technologies (UK)

Funders and sponsors

  • European Research Council
  • InnovateUK
  • British council
  • QMUL internal funds