Drones, Field and Space Robotics

Aerial robots

We design and validate novel mechanisms for drones which can be used in manipulation, exploration and transportation tasks. Details coming.

Dynamics of space robots

We explore modelling techniques for space robotic systems, including satellite control, assembly of spacecrafts and zero-gravity dynamics. Details coming.

Teleoperation of mobile robots

We develop control algorithms and interface for remotely operated mobile robots. This includes development of control command mapping techniques to generate appropriate robot's actions based on the input from a human-operator (via joystick or gesture based input interfaces).

Academics: Ildar Farkhatdinov

Relevant publications:

  • Farkhatdinov I, Ryu JH, Poduraev J. A user study of command strategies for mobile robot teleoperation. Intelligent Service Robotics. 2009 Apr 1;2(2):95-104. PDF
  • Farkhatdinov I, Ryu JH, An J. A preliminary experimental study on haptic teleoperation of mobile robot with variable force feedback gain. In 2010 IEEE Haptics Symposium 2010 Mar 25 (pp. 251-256). IEEE. PDF