Professor Isabelle Mareschal

Isabelle MareschalPhD

Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Biological and Experimental Psychology

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Queen Mary University of London


visual perception, experimental psychology, eye tracking and gaze


I perform both basic and applied research on visual perception in humans and my research has two streams. 1. My basic research program examines how controlled measurements of visual perception can be extended to realistic stimuli and situations. This research examines how humans detect simple or basic visual features (such as edges) within a natural environment and how things such as attention can improve our performance. 2. I am also developing a research program that addresses basic issues of social neuroscience, investigating how good we are at making judgements of other people’s gaze and facial expressions. I plan to develop this research with clinical collaborations to use robust psychophysical evaluations of visual disorders associated with some clinical populations (e.g. conduct disorder; autism spectrum disorder, etc.). The goal of these tests is to provide early diagnostic capabilities and, potentially, develop training tools to help improve performance.