11th International Workshop on Haptic & Audio Interaction Design to be held at QMUL

8 February 2022

11th International Workshop on Haptic & Audio Interaction Design

We are thrilled to announce the 11th International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design HAID 2022.

Since its conception by Stephen Brewster in 2006, the aim of the HAID workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who share an interest in finding out how the haptic and audio modalities can be used together in human-computer/machine interaction. The research challenges in the area are best approached through user-centred design, empirical studies, or the development of novel theoretical frameworks. Read here for a brief history of the HAID workshop and community.

HAID 2022 will be held 24-26 August at the Mile End Campus of Queen Mary University of London in the UK, and will be a hybrid event with in-person activities and online streaming sessions.

HAID 2022 is jointly organised by the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) and the Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ). The workshop is supported by the Audio Engineering Society, IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics, EuroHaptics Society, and Springer.

Contact: Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov

Updated by: Ildar Farkhatdinov