Seminar: Grand Challenges of Mixed Reality Technology, by Professor Anthony Steed


Date: 8 June 2022   Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Seminar: Research on Virtual Reality Systems, by Professor Anthony Steed, University College London

On-campus location: QMUL Mile End, Graduate centre, 6th floor GC601

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About Professor Antony Steed:

Abstract. While virtual reality and augmented (VR & AR) technologies have been considered in the laboratory and niche industries since the 1960s, in the late 2010s there was surge of investment and development to bring a diverse range of high-quality "mixed-reality" devices to mass market. We now have cheap consumer VR, and in the next couple of years AR devices will reach a consumer market, while devices that switch between VR and AR are on the horizon. The most obvious challenge in developing future MR systems, is the fidelity of the devices. However, I will argue that are very important challenges in the supporting software, knowledge about the user, the tools to build and manipulate mixed reality, and tools to incorporate knowledge about the real world. I will illustrate the challenges with examples of the work we are doing in my group.

Bio. Anthony Steed is a Professor in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group in the Department of Computer Science, University College London. He is currently head of the group. His research area is real-time interactive virtual environments, with particular interest in virtual reality, augmented reality, novel forms of interaction, large-scale graphical models, collaborative systems and networking for tightly synchronous telecollaboration. Read details of his active projects. The group runs a CAVE-like facility, a large tracking space and several other high-end virtual reality systems.

Location:  QMUL Mile End campus, Graduate centre, GC601 and online, link to be published
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