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ARQ: Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary



RoboSoft 2019 Workshop: Eversion and Growing Soft Robots

Date: 14 April 2019

This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss, and share ideas related to the development and application of eversion and growing soft robots. Recent years have seen a surge in interest in creating soft robots, offering a high level of dexterity and being inherently compliant. A range of animals, such as the octopus, as well as plants that physically adapt to their environments have inspired researchers when creating soft robots. These robots are broadly superior to their traditional rigid-body counterparts and are ideal candidates to operate in constraining environments that require adaptation of their shapes to their surroundings.

Growing and eversion robots are a blend of soft robots that extend their length significantly to reach into difficult to access spaces. Living organisms such as growing plants often inspire these kinds of robots. Research and industrial communities acknowledge that these features of eversion and growing robots have immense potential and are critical for applications in extreme environments.

This workshop aims to engage the soft robotic community into challenges associated with the creation of soft growing manipulators. The workshop discussion will focus on the following core areas related to eversion and growing robots: (1) challenges in fabrication and manufacturing, (2) actuation and control, and (3) application areas.

Location:  Seoul, South Korea